Golden Lion Tamarin Visit

Golden Lion Tamarins(GLTs) are an endangered species native to Brazil’s Atlantic coastal rainforest (only about 6% of this forest remains) being one of their habitat  located at the municipality of Silva Jardim at the Biological Reserve of Poço das Antas  about 100km / 63mi from  Rio de Janeiro.

The squirrel-sized golden lion tamarin weighs just over a pound, is about 14 inches long, and is entirely golden, with a full mane encircling its head. This primate boasts long digits that allow it to pry food from beneath bark and leaves, and a long tail that reaches up to 16 inches.

All together, there are about 3,200 golden lion tamarins living in the wild. In addition to these, there are about 450 golden lion tamarins in 150 zoos around the world

This population was established by translocating moving GLTs from other smaller threatened forests to the Reserve in the 1990. 300 in several populations established on private land through the Reintroduction Program (covering about 3,200 hectares of forests)

Visit only under request by email to : eugeniosouza08@gmail.com


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